Cindi Wills

Cindi has always had a strong desire to create. Music was a huge part of the beginning of her life and feeds her soul to this day. She learned to create using dynamics, nuance, and tone while singing. That creative drive took another direction when, as an adult, she became a crafter working with different materials to make the images that Ishe envisioned come to life. However, when she first touched clay it released the creative impulses that had lived in her for years and even more than that…it created a connection and a completeness that gave her artistic life new dimension. It allowed her to conceive an idea, create it with her hands and experience its completion in a way nothing else has. The challenge embodied in hand-building one of a kind pieces with new and different textures is a fascinating thing to her. The process is like a wonderful song that speaks to that part of your soul nothing else can. Art is music for the eyes.




This totem tells the story of Cindi's family who were gospel singers. Woodshedding is practicing until you get it right. Shaped notes is the way early gospel music was written and the three symbols in the middle are Do, Mi, and So. The top is a clay replica of one of the mics they used in their recordings.