Thomas Diel

Thomas Diel’s furniture is "architectonic" with an industrial-chic flair. Many of his pieces have been inspired by bridges, which he admires because they don't hide their structure or their material. To him, bridges convey a romantic, adventuresome feeling because of their gravity-defying nature and their ability to transport people to different places, both mentally and physically. A great bridge epitomizes man’s desire to overcome obstacles and leave a marvel of beauty and engineering in its path. A bridge takes one from one place to another and from one person to another, which is a perfect metaphor for functional art. His working method is similar to that of an architect only on a smaller scale, layering materials and differing methods of construction and with the execution of my craft always at the forefront. He carries his attention to scale down to the minute detail of even the fasteners used in my work, where each rivet and weld is scrutinized and accentuated to impact the presentation. He works with various metals - wood, plastic, steel, aluminum, even concrete - and is most content working on the tablesaw or TIG welding.

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